The problem with false feminism (or why “Frozen” left me cold)

The problem with false feminism (or why “Frozen” left me cold)

A really interesting and in-depth analysis of Disney’s latest film from a different blog. I usually pause before agreeing with everyone, and I usually pause longer before agreeing with everyone else, but I think this has some compelling arguments against how feminist people claim the movie it. It’s a long read, but worth it, I think.

My take on it is that the film shouldn’t be so self-congratulatory about its own progressiveness when stripping down complicated messages to the Disney level of simplicity. It’s a lesson all of Hollywood (and mankind, really) can do well to learn.

Hitler Was Not Evil

An interesting and surely controversial article. I think the title was intended to be buzz-worthy, and the real message is that “evil” is an arbitrary label we place on people and ideas to avoid complexity. The positive message in this is that we should have an objective and nuanced perspective on history, but read it yourself and decide what you think.

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Unlike most of the rest of the world, I do not see Adolf Hitler as the “personification of evil” or the most “evil” person that has ever existed.

Hitler was simply a politician like one of the many politicians today. And just like almost all politicians today, his actions were defined by a core belief, greed, ego and a certain love for the country he ruled.

The more sensitive readers would react now with “whoa! whoa! Hitler and love?! Hitler is EVIL! EVIL!”

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Evil does not exist, but is a concept of the human intellect. What do we define as evil? We tend to associate unjust things with evil, or things we do not agree with. Essentially, what we feel or think is evil is simply what we do not agree with.

“Who cares about a technical definition? What Hitler did was EVIL! ”

Aiming to…

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